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Our Beautiful Rosary collection is unique

I’ve chosen to name our entire category of Rosaries “Beautiful Rosary Collection” because in my opinion, all of our pieces are beautiful. Sure, some of our rosaries are fine, while others are plain and simple. A beautiful Rosary, however, does not have to be shiny or made out of silver. If it’s well made and ready to last your most fervent prayers to the Blessed Mother, then it’s the perfect!

Beautiful Rosary Beads from Buy Religious

A brief history of the Rosary

The first Rosaries appeared long ago during the age of the Desert Fathers, in the form knotted prayer ropes, which were used to count as the Fathers prayed another prayer called the Jesus Prayer. The prayer itself came into official existence in the 13th Century when Saint Dominic experienced a Marian apparition.

Tens of millions of Catholics have prayed this prayer over the centuries, asking Mary for her intercession in their lives. Many Catholics pray the Rosary daily while meditating on the Mysteries of the life of Christ, as told in the Gospels. Others recite the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, which is another beautiful prayer.

Need to know more? Download our How to Pray the Rosary PDF.

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