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How to Pray the Rosary PDF

Learning how to pray the Rosary is not a complicated task. The best way to learn how to pray the Rosary is just to start doing it! Once you get into the habit of asking the Blessed Mother for her intercession, it will become second nature. On this page, we provide some simple instructions. At the end, you can download a How to Pray the Rosary PDF which you can print off and share with your friends.

Having the proper disposition for praying the Rosary

Before you begin the mysteries of the Rosary, it’s important to quiet your mind and think about what you are about to do. 

  1. Quiet your mind.
  2. Recognize the presence of God.
  3. Think about the Blessed Virgin Mary, in heaven, praying for you. 

Learn how to pray with this colorful Rosary diagram

Your Rosary will look different than our colorful rosary for kids. But as long as you are using a five decade rosary, however, it should be divided the same way you see in this Rosary diagram. This image is also included in our How to Pray the Rosary PDF which is available for download below. 

How to Pray the Rosary PDF

Pray the Rosary step-by-step 

  1. Start at the Cross with the Apostle’s Creed.
  2. Next, pray an Our Father.
  3. Pray three Hail Mary’s, to increase faith, hope, and charity.
  4. As you prepare for the first Mystery, pray a Glory Be, Our Father, and announce the first mystery of the Rosary. 
  5. Pray ten Hail Marys.
  6. At the end of the decade, pray a Glory Be, the Fatima Prayer, announce the next mystery, and pray an Our Father. 
  7. Repeat #5 and #6 four more times for a total of five mysteries.
  8. At the end, pray the Glory Be, the Fatima Prayer, Hail, Holy Queen, and O God Whose Only Begotten Son prayer. 

That’s it! See how the Holy Rosary Prayer really isn’t that complicated? Just try it for a few days and soon you won’t need our guide anymore. This powerful prayer will come naturally to you. 

Download our free How to Pray the Rosary PDF

Click here to download our How to Pray the Rosary PDF printable. 
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