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Where to buy a rosary

Where to buy a rosary?

Where to buy a Rosary is an easy question

Many people think that for a rosary to work it has to be expensive or blessed. This kind of thinking is wrong. No rosary is magic, no rosary has some special power. Every and any kind of rosary will work, so long as you have the right disposition in your heart as you ask the Blessed Virgin for her intercession.

Do I need to buy a blessed rosary?

When you are looking at where to buy a rosary, you shouldn’t be worried about whether it is blessed or not. First of all, rosaries really shouldn’t be advertised and sold as blessed. You can’t sell a blessing! In other words, a plastic rosary blessed by Pope Francis should cost exactly the same as a plastic rosary which wasn’t blessed by the Holy Father. The blessing should have no bearing on the price. Some have even gone as far as to suggest that if you buy a piece because it was blessed, the blessing disappears as soon as the transaction takes place!

Did you know you can ask your local Bishop, Priest, or Deacon to bless your rosary?

Where to buy a rosary should not be about whether it is blessed or not. Instead, find the style of rosary you like the most and then take it to your local parish to get it blessed. Schedule an appointment with your priest or see if you can catch him after Mass. They won’t charge you anything to bless your rosary.

Does a rosary need to be expensive?

I think there’s something to be said for honoring the Blessed Virgin with a beautiful rosary to pray with everyday. Sure, I love to hold a fine rosary in my hands, but I also recognize that a rosary is just a prayer tool. It doesn’t really matter how much I paid for it or where I got it (as long as I didn’t steal it of course :)). So find the rosary which speaks to you and which will help you pray most effectively.

As far as where to buy a rosary, we can help you out. Also, if you’re not sure how to pray the rosary, check out our helpful PDF.

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