Imitation Quartz Rosaries from Mexico
Imitation Quartz Rosaries from Mexico

Imitation Quartz Rosaries from Mexico


Imitation Quartz Rosary with Doves or Stars in Gold, Orange or White colors.

  • Translucent Quartz Crucifix
  • Imitation Quartz Stones
  • Handcrafted in Mexico

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These imitation quartz rosaries are elegant and captivating just like the mysteries of the Rosary!

Holding these imitation quartz rosaries in my hand reminds me of the beauty and elegance of the Rosary prayer. Each bead of the decade is represented by a smooth, polished piece of imitation quartz alternating with a smaller bead making it easy for you to follow along as you pray. Depending on your preference, the decades are separated either by dove wings, which represent the Holy Spirit or by stars, which are representative of God’s creation.

You get a fancy prayer piece without paying a big price tag. I hand-carried them all the way back from the town of San Luis Potosi in Mexico where they were handcrafted.

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Rustic handmade crucifixes are approximately 1″ in length.

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White with Wings, White with Red Beads & Wings, Dark Yellow with Beads and Stars


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