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Is the Pope Infallible?

Is the Pope Infallible?

Today is exciting because we get to discuss what is possibly the biggest area of contention non-Catholics have regarding the Catholic Church. That is, of what and who the Pope truly is. Many outside the Church would say the Catholic Church has  declared him perfect and infallible while others would say he is an authoritarian tyrant […]

What is Purgatory in the Catholic Church?

What is Purgatory?

Today we are going to be looking at the topic of purgatory. This topic is one that is usually misunderstood right from the beginning. Usually, the first argument to be given against purgatory is about the finished work of Jesus Christ; that he accomplished our redemption on the cross. This by far is one of […]

Sola Fide - is justification by faith alone?

What Does the Catholic Church Teach about Sola Fide and Justification?

Today we want to look at the doctrine of Sola Fide, otherwise referred to as Faith Alone! It is the collapse of our belief in this doctrine that was the beginning of our exit out of the Wesleyan Church, and into the searching that led us into the Catholic faith. Therefore we want to give […]

Do Catholics Worship Mary

True Devotion to Mary – Testimony 2

I thought Catholics were worshipping Mary. I remember the day I first started to look into the subject of Mary. I felt like I was already defeated in my journey into Catholicism. I had watched Catholics in their prayers and worship of Mary over the years. How could they not see that they were worshipping […]

True Devotion to Mary

True Devotion to Mary – Testimony 1

Welcome back everyone. Today’s blog about devotion to Mary is one that is going to possibly bother many of you. We hope with all our heart that you will at least continue reading until the end. We ourselves struggled with this one until we were able to see the truth of it throughout Scripture. Once […]

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